Jump Start Your Online Sales. Save Time. Save Money. Customize Your Sales Process and Keep The Cash With Your Very Own App That Sells Your Product and Delivers it Too! by Wheres MyROI

Jump Start Your Online Sales. Save Time. Save Money. Customize Your Sales Process and Keep The Cash With Your Very Own App That Sells Your Product and Delivers it Too!

Pivot Your Business To an Online Selling Powerhouse in 48 Hours or Less! Leverage Your Website, Facebook Page and Messenger To Drive Online Sales and Pay $0.00 Commission.

Imagine when ...
  • You have a constant flow of new ideas and ways to keep your customers engaged and also having fun pre-ordering your products!
  • You are no longer getting stuck, and spending hours searching the internet for ideas on how to grow your online presence, sales and customer engagement.
  • You’re able to put your team training and marketing on autopilot to consistently, and effortlessly become a better leader AND create happier customers, and a more effective team.
  • You have the time to build a business of dream customers, because you’re no longer struggling to reinvent the wheel to get your business online and hope they engage.

NOW YOU CAN Re-connect with your customers and get online orders FAST with this easy to implement Pre-Sell Powerhouse of an App that is ubiquitous and goes everywhere your customer goes!

If you’re anything like the businesses we’ve worked with, every day is a long list of questions you struggle to answer

➡️​ How am I going to get more clients to my website to pre-order my products?
➡️ How am I going to get them to engage online or through Facebook Page? 
➡️ How will I be able to connect with them again so I can offer them discounts, deals and special products?
➡️ How can I reduce my overhead? 
➡️ How can I ensure that I reach my end of month goals, (like, for real this time?)
➡️ When am I going to finally take a paycheck?
➡️ How can I market my business to get more high-quality customers?


Regardless of the fact that we try our best every single day in our business, let’s be honest, most times we're just on our own doing our best to figure things out... which takes time and costs money.

I know, I’ve been there. 

I went into my business experience thinking I'd get a TON of online sales EXCITED that I had a better product, better customer service and I could serve my community and instead had to dive into understanding the complexities of managing PEOPLE, creating SYSTEMS,  learning MARKETING and discovering the TOOLS for profitability and accountability so the business would grow.

And more than anything, I just remember thinking:

“This is not what I signed up for...”

YOU CAN Grab Their Attention FASTER Using This Simpler, Smarter Way with the Where's My ROI App that Sells Your Product and Delivers it Too!!

Who Will Benefit From Using The Where's My ROI App? 

✅Business owners who want to jump start their online sales programs to run on autopilot so they generate profits using automation.
✅Business owners who want to use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, their Website, and Twitter presence to generate profits and engage their customers
✅Business owners who want to pre-sell their products so they have a steady cash flow.
✅Business owners who want to have control over their delivery, takeout, and margins so their customers aren't getting gauged by overpriced fees from 3rd party delivery apps.

You Can Expect to Stop Losing Money and Start Making Profits With Every Order Placed Using the Where’s My ROI 3-Step Sales App. Here’s How It Works


A ONE TIME build fee gets you a customized done-for-you takeout and delivery app and the resources you need to set up your online takeout business like a pro.  You pay a monthly hosting fee of just $97 a month that includes much more than hosting!
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Fast. Simple. and Easy to Use. You upload your product pictures and descriptions of your products in your customized private online area where your app is located.  Everything is explained with guided detailed step by step videos and a simple checklist.

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This is the Best Part! We help you promote it, and we provide the technical management so that you keep your customers engaged using your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website, Whatsapp, and more including how to use Google My business and Google Maps to get more exposure.  Your customized Where's My ROI pre-sell delivery app is yours.  Hassle free, tech free, stress free.  
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You Also Get Access To Where’s My ROI Jump Start Monthly Online Marketing and Training Mastermind. Get customers to use your app with our Signature 3-Step Where’s My ROI Approach So That You Drive More Traffic To Your Offers. What You Can Expect:


Reward them for sharing.  Your customers share more than 17 billion photos, and 400 million of them use voice and video chat every month to connect to businesses, family and friends.  Each month we'll share strategies and give you pre-made strategies that will help you sell more online.


Personalize your offers and keep the money.  Using this strategy 91% of your customers are more likely to shop with you when you recognize, remember and provide them with YOUR relevant offers.  We give you monthly training on how to personalize your message with mindset and verbal skills you can use in your online marketing.


Simple points based loyalty,  rewards, and pre-sold gift cards are easily integrated into your app using their mobile wallet giving them more incentive to share with friends and family.  We give you ways to do this effectively and simply so that your customers take more action and leave you exceptional reviews too!

Get Help With...


  • 3 Brand New FULLY BUILT OUT community marketing campaigns with what to do and how to use these templates to make profits fast.
  • ​Creative Facebook and Instagram images
  • Engaging Facebook and Instagram post copy
  • Exquisitely written  newsletter templates
  • ​Beautiful practice flyer templates
  • ​Plus additional campaigns for Discounts Deals and Special Offers, and MORE
You'll also get 
  • ​How to Lead your Customer to Your Offers with Less Friction Training So you Carry Out Your Vision
  • Verbal Skills and Mindset Training to Close More Sales Online Faster and With Less Hassle
  • ​Training on How to Effectively Fill your Pre-Sold Orders Online
  • Setting your KPIs So You Knows What to Focus on For Maximum Growth
  • Accountability & Increasing Profits
  • ​Creating Documented Systems and Processes
  • ​Marketing and advertising so you can get your community  referring more of their friends and family to you!

You’re just 3 Simple Steps away from MAKING more profits on every order placed using your Where’s My ROI 3-Step Sales App.

You can own your custom delivery & takeout app and never pay a dime to one of Grubhub, UberEats or DoorDash again!

We've Proven to generate more sales, more customers and more business using this technology. Now you can generate more profits too! Take control today so you don't lose your business to third party apps.

Hi I'm Nicole Jolie

My goal is to help your business prosper, by helping you navigate the online marketing platforms.  
I take the hassle out of the technical building using over 12+ years of online knowledge to help you generate more business for your business and give you the lifestyle freedom you deserve.