Done-With-You Partnership To Set Up And Grow Your Business

This is perfect for the small business entrepreneur who wants to sell their product, memberships, or services online, including group coaching programs but needs help getting started.

Get the strategy, design and tech support you need to finally turn your passion into online income. It's a win-win partnership!
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From $0 to your first $5,000 in online sales.

Partner with the team that built the Tony Robbins sales funnel so that you can start selling fast with less hassle so that you make your first $5,000 in sales in the next 30-days!

A win-win partnership to help you turn your small business into new streams of online income.


Yes, if you WANT to generate income for your small business with gift cards, promotions, deals, discounts or possibly into a membership, an online course, or a group coaching program that allows you to better leverage your time, increase your income, and have more time freedom.

  • You are on a tight budget and don't want to invest a huge amount of money up front until you have some cash flow coming in and feel more confident that this model will work for your business.
  • You are concerned that you lack the know-how to set things up properly so you can create a positive customer experience.
  • You feel hesitant to go "all-in" without someone there to guide you through the process to ensure things will run smoothly (and quickly fix things if they go wrong).


  • Work with the team that build the funnel.  The most revenue producing funnel in the history of the internet at over $16Million dollars in revenues in less than 10 days. You get the technical support and guidance that you need without having to pay a huge chunk of money up-front.
  • Take strategic and positive steps forward to start generating income quickly so you can feel more confident and excited to further invest your time and money into this project.

Your all-in-one strategy and complete guidance for setting up your Messenger Marketing Funnel so that you can start pre-selling your product IMMEDIATELY using your social media presence. 

Quick cashflow is the key to this partnership, so we will focus on generating income as quickly as possible. This can happen as soon as one week after getting started when you follow the proven methods and strategies.

After that, you work together at a pace that makes the most sense for you. It can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6+ months to make your first $5,000 in sales. I will be motivated to help you get there as fast as possible,

BUT you will have to pull your own weight as well and you’ll be doing more of the work as we get past the first part of this build.  

✳️What will you have when we're done together?

  • A complete automated conversational sales funnel including Facebook messenger marketing funnel set-up and branded for you to sell your business online.
  • Facebook tracking that you set up specifically for your business and products using proven strategies and methods that get customers to your offer.  
  • A fully functioning Messenger Funnel and conversational sequence that tracks your customers from the first click to their purchase.
  •  fully integrated with your CRM, social media and Facebook Business Page. 
  • An automated conversational bot created specifically for your product, offer, service or program.
  • Validation that people will pay for your product using your conversational Messenger chatbot and integrated sales funnel sequences.
  • Paid customers in your system and a list that you’ll be building to retarget and remarket to as you build your business online.
  • A full understanding of how the whole system works so that you can manage it yourself. 
  • Monthly hosting technical assistance, push notifications, SMS notifications to your customers and Messenger Marketing funnel upgrades so that your funnel is fully functioning.
  • The experience, systems and confidence to continue to grow your new online business using your social media presence and a proven automated system that will allow you to continually scale.

Q: What exactly do you get?

✅ What IS included: Over 60+ hours of consulting, design and tech setup.
*Plus up to weekly technical and chat support.

❌ What's NOT included: Ad costs
We will assist with setting up your ad account, showing you how to season your pixel and sharing ideas for your ads, branding and layout.  You are responsible for all advertising costs.

❌ What's NOT included: hosting, monthly fees for third party software.
I will give you discounted options and recommended third party software you can choose from based on your budget and requirements. 

Bottom line, you bring your expertise and I’ll handle the strategy, design and technical setup for a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency.

You'll get the support you need to set up and sell your product. 
I will help you turn your passion into a product that you can sell with confidence. 

What do I need to get started?
✅Facebook Business Page.
✅Videos and pictures or graphics of your product or service.
  • Website (optional but highly recommended)
  • CRM (optional but highly recommended)
  • Email follow Up Sequence (optional but highly recommended)

📍What if I don’t have branding?
I will give you a branding kit that comes with your initial consultation that you can use for your branding.

📍What if I don’t have pictures, videos or assets?
You can use stock photos and videos.  I’ll  give you a list of resources so that you can make your own videos using stock footage.

📍What if I don’t have a website or CRM?
We will give paid resources and developers who can help to have one built for you OR you can build one on any of the platforms we recommend in the Best Ideas to Grow Your Business Fast Online sheet once you join the program. Recommended CRM’s are also located on that sheet.

📍How will you get this information from me?
There is an organized client intake process that you will go through so that we make sure we have all of your assets, copywriting and branding.

What you’re getting
  • A $16 Million dollar revenue generating funnel handed to you! Just for joining!
  • $125,000+ worth of marketing funnel knowledge
  • 30+ years of online marketing knowledge
  • 20,000 hours of time it would take you to learn, develop, implement, and strategize over these last 15 years.
  • $87,000 worth of Insider secrets that you would have to pay multiple marketing millionaires to teach you.
Resources and know-how that you’ll not receive anywhere else.
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